Adidas - adiCup 2010 Consortium Pack - Herzo

Following the New York, Tokyo, London and Berlin packs, Adidas released Herzo, the fifth and final collection in the Adidas adiCup 2010 Consortium series.

These are available here

The final product group in the packs is a design collaboration between adidas and Nelson Mandela’s charity group 46664 to honour the role of South Africa as the World Cup host from June this year.

The final pack features a jersey, VOTARY shoes, bag and a limited edition ball that will be the match ball at all of the adiCup tournaments globally this year.

The VOTARY SA version is an iconic affair with a white on black colourway on a premium all black leather upper and the rubberized midsole and segmented toe on the upper that is standard across all of the regional packs.

The jersey is also predominantly black with a 46664 logo on the arm and the ‘Hand’ logo embroidered on the chest opposite the Trefoil logo, both in white and is finished with the adiCup2010 logo embroidered in gold on the waist hem.

The tournament ball is black with white detailing and features the 46664 ‘Hand’ logo, the adiCup 2010 logo in gold and the Tango logo that pays homage to the beautiful game.

Also included is an all-black, premium leather holdall bag perfect for carrying this historic kit to and from the pitch.