Hurley Phantom National Team Boardshorts Collection


In light of this summer’s global celebration of football, Hurley is encouraging national pride in and out of the water with the debut of the Phantom National Team boardshorts, supported by the “Fly The Flag” campaign.
The boardshort colors are aligned with the Brasil, France and U.S. national team kit jerseys, with a “home” and “away” variant for U.S. and Brasil. The kits are supplemented with coordinating tees and hats, allowing for soccer and surf fans alike to express national pride.

Nike Air Max 1 FB Mercurial Pack


Nike have released a new Air Max 1 trainer range which pays tribute to the Nike Mercurial football boot - first released in 1998.
The new range includes four different styles, each nodding to a particular variant of the boot.  The green and red style refers to the latest, 2014 version, the violet and orange to the 2010 incarnation, the yellow and black to 2006's model and the metallic silver to 2002's.

Admiral Gold Albright Polo Shirt - White


We've reviewed several items from Admiral's new ranges over the last few days and found them all to be pretty stylish.  Well here's a polo shirt from the football-centric manufacturer.  A £50 polo shirt.
And that more-or-less sums it up.  It is a polo shirt, of that there can be no debate - you can tell from the little button-up collar, see - and it's 100% cotton, assuming that's a thing that's still important to people.  Beyond that, squint and it looks a little like a boob tube, or perhaps a nod to Geri Halliwell's non-Union Jack dress from the 1997 Brit Awards, slipping down precariously.  What I mean is, should it not be clear, the white at the top is too much of a contrast with the dark red and navy sections lower down.  Or is it just me?

Adidas Graphic Crew Sweatshirt - Legend Ink


Ready to celebrate Brazil in 2014, you've got football on your mind and on your sleeves. Since 1970 adidas has been the official designer of the tournament's match ball, and this adidas sweatshirt features some of the sport's most famous spheres. The all-cotton sweatshirt is made of soft French terry with snug ribbing at the cuffs and hem to keep out the chill.
Adidas Graphic Crew Sweatshirt - Legend Ink - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote