We've reviewed several items from Admiral's new ranges over the last few days and found them all to be pretty stylish.  Well here's a polo shirt from the football-centric manufacturer.  A £50 polo shirt.
And that more-or-less sums it up.  It is a polo shirt, of that there can be no debate - you can tell from the little button-up collar, see - and it's 100% cotton, assuming that's a thing that's still important to people.  Beyond that, squint and it looks a little like a boob tube, or perhaps a nod to Geri Halliwell's non-Union Jack dress from the 1997 Brit Awards, slipping down precariously.  What I mean is, should it not be clear, the white at the top is too much of a contrast with the dark red and navy sections lower down.  Or is it just me?


This has to be the most Admiral Admiral track top ever.  You've seen it a million times before, you can see Spurs players in it, England players in it, Crystal Palace players in it, er, Leicester...
Except, you haven't.  That's where this beautiful example from the Admiral Official Retro is devilish.  You think you've seen it before, keeping all kinds of moustached, floppy haired 70s footballers warm before they went to work on a ridiculously muddy pitch, but you haven't.  Oh it's probably faithful to a design from that era, but not one you've seen.  Have a Google if you don't believe me.


In case you haven't heard, Admiral are an outfit on the ascent.  You'll see examples of their startlingly accurate - a good thing - retro football-styled range on this site, but they also have a more fashion-geared "Gold" brand.
When I saw the price tag on this cotton sweatshirt I nearly fell off my chair.  Initial impression: not half bad.  Seventy quid's worth of "not half bad"?  There's some work to do on that front.


Admiral are back.  They possibly never went away, but it feels like they did, and now we're aware of their presence once again.
And the order of the day is retro.  Several other, it wouldn't be unfair to say, more famous brands have distinctive retro styled divisions and it would be surprising if Admiral eschewed that approach.  In that spirit, we give you the Admiral Retro Milan Track Top.