In case you haven't heard, Admiral are an outfit on the ascent.  You'll see examples of their startlingly accurate - a good thing - retro football-styled range on this site, but they also have a more fashion-geared "Gold" brand.
When I saw the price tag on this cotton sweatshirt I nearly fell off my chair.  Initial impression: not half bad.  Seventy quid's worth of "not half bad"?  There's some work to do on that front.
First up, the colour doesn't scream medium-to-high end, in a dull navy - more on the military references later - rather than what is increasingly being described as a "deep blue", and the chunky button paneled collar style is middle-of-the-road over cutting edge.  The pockets - on a hoodless sweatshirt?! - are a curio, but hardly groundbreaking.
So then you try it on.  In fairness, it's a lovely cut.  The temptation would be to compare the look beforehand to a default lazy Fathers' Day present from Primark or Matalan, but it's undoubtedly way beyond that.  The neck is high and slim cut, the latter also applicable to the sleeves, and the impression is of class.
And, of course, we then remember it's Admiral.  We have to remember - or know - because the "Gold" range doesn't have the wordmark on the neatly miniaturised logo, but it handily appears on the label, along with the puntastic "Admirably British".  Incidentally, it's actually (seemingly very well) made in Turkey, but we'll let that pass as the "Est. 1914" tells us it's Admiral's 100th birthday.  Many happy returns.
Overall, pretty good.  Those pockets?  They grow on you - why doesn't every sweatshirt have them?  £70's still hefty, but if the cash is burning a hole in your pocket there are worse things you can spend it on than a swish top from a brand that evokes football's golden age.