55dsl x panini tees pack

Prepare for blast off as 55DSL in collaboration with worldwide renowned sports collectibles company PANINI launches the Galactic Battle of Foosball!

55DSL and PANINI will be hosting local disputes all over planet Earth and the winners will gather at the final challenge in Bassano del Grappa, Italy on mid June. The grand prize winning team of the final will be beamed to South Africa with 55DSL creative director Andrea Rosso in July for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s out of this world.

Set to take place in seven countries worldwide - US, UK, Japan, Italy, France, Greece, Colombia - teams will be composed of two players and will have to defeat their own countrymen before being invited to play in the finals in Bassano del Grappa in June.

To prepare players and consumers for the enormous launch, 55DSL and PANINI have created a tees pack inspired by the world’s top football countries. Comprising 10 t-shirts created in collaboration with 10 different international artists and 1 celebrative tee designed by 55DSL creative team, this tees pack will be sold in 55DSL stores worldwide starting in April.

55dsl x panini tees pack argentina

Argentina Tee - designed by: NASA

Nasa* is Hernan Mariano Lombardo. He lives and works in Buenos Aires. Nasa*’s artistic
formation has roots in graphic design,architecture, skate and urban culture. In continuous evolution, his works moves with total familiarity between the analog and digital world. He investigates constantly different surfaces to express his ideas. You can see his art on walls, frames, apparels, objects and publications. His universe is dark yet positive, rich in symbolisms,and he loves to discover equilibrium within chaos.

55dsl x panini tees pack brazil

Brazil Tee - designed by: KAKO

Kako works at home in a room full of music, within an apartment full of books, on the 9th floor of an old building full of windows right in the middle of a city full of people.


55dsl x panini tees pack england

England Tee - designed by: IAIN MACARTHUR

Iain Macarthur is a freelance illustrator from Swindon. He creates elegant and surreal characters inspired from cartoons and comics but also adds a zing of intricate pattern design into his creations. He also creates photo-realistic portraits with vivid explosions of birds and geometric – like patterns . Looking at different ways to make his images unique is his passion, while his inspiration draws from his surroundings and fellow artists such as Alfonse Mucha, Bruno 9li and Josh Cochran.

55dsl x panini tees pack france

France Tee - designed by: NIARK1

Graphic designer and illustrator based in Paris, Sebastien Feraut aka Niark.1 imposes his crazy universe to an ever changing, colourful chart full of strange and assorted creatures. Influenced by street art, music and everything related to graphic design in general he creates flyers, album covers, logos, design for streetwear clothing or snowboard brands, various graphics as well as illustrations, graphic communication for festivals throughout the entire the world. Additionally he has participated to numerous exhibitions, both collective and solo in addition to creative performances around the word. You can find his works in several renown international publications and magazines.


55dsl x panini tees pack germany

Germany Tee - Designed by: JÖRN KASPUHL

Born in Northern Germany in 1980, the artist has worked as a freelance illustrator for several international magazines, publishers, musicians and fashion-labels after his education in illustration at the Department of Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. The main focus in Kaspuhls illustrations lays in handmade drawing. Through bold and clear lines he expresses his ideas with ink and pen by shaping each image out like a woodcut. With regard to content,many pictures have a closeness to animals and nature elements themselves. Interwoven organic forms and patterns catch his interest as well as the simplest shape of things.

55dsl x panini tees pack greece
Greece Tee - designed by: THÉO GENNITSAKIS

Théo Gennitsakis is a visual designer and creative director for la surprise agency in Paris. He works for customers such as: Chanel, adidas, Hermes, The NY times, Maje, Dior and more…

55dsl x panini tees pack holland

Holland Tee - designed by: BOLT GRAPHICS

BOLTgraphics is the Amsterdam-based one-man illustration and typography circus run by Martijn Rijven. With feats of graphic daring-do, BOLTgraphics has put smiles on faces of people everywhere since 2000. Constantly honing his skills of visual communication, Martijn is sure to amaze and astound crowds far and wide for decennials to come.


55dsl x panini tees pack italy

Italy Tee - designed by: SUPEREXPRESSO

Superexpresso is Michele Angelo. He was born in Italy, where he also studied painting, then visual and industrial design. Some years later he moved to Barcelona to work as a graphic designer.He’s currently working as a freelance designer by day while by night he still gives life to his weird, full of love, creations.


55dsl x panini tees pack south africa

South Africa Tee - designed by: MISTER WALKER

Whilst corporate design pays the bills, Garth’s real interest is in “What makes me African?”. Since 1995 he has published his experimental African graphics magazine Ijusi. When not designing, Garth is equally obsessed with photography, red wine, cycling and old 911 Porsche cars.

55dsl x panini tees pack spain

Spain Tee - designed by: INOCUO THE SIGN

The studio was founded in 2002 by Javier Gutiérrez, better known as Inocuo, an artist with his own signature in the graffiti world of Barcelona. He was later joined by David Fernández, a renown Spanish illustrator greatly familiarized with the surf and skate culture, and by Txema Alguacil, specialized in animated illustrations and former art director at various advertising agencies. This is how Inocuo the Sign Studio was born; a common project of three guys who got together to experiment with the different languages and styles of contemporary urban culture. Since then, they work breaking with the image’s traditional sizes and patterns to obtain designs that combine the team’s best weapons: the expressiveness of illustration, the freshness of brush strokes, the richness of drawing and the impact of calligraphy.