Messi or Ronaldo - Who's Next Pichichi? T-Shirts

Rafael Moreno Aranzadi, the brilliant Athletic Bilbao striker of the early 20th century nicknamed Pichichi - "little duck" - never could have dreamed it.  The unofficial award for the top La Liga goalscorer, named in Pichichi's honour, being fought out between two of the most iconic footballers the world has ever seen.

Pichichi was undoubtedly a fantastic player, and may even have hit even greater heights had he not died so tragically young, but even sentimentality won't allow us to suggest he was comparable to Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.  The Argentine and the Portuguese are the current best players in the world and, some would suggest, the best this planet has ever seen.

The Pichichi, awarded by Marca magazine each season and reluctantly most recently given to Messi by the Real-leaning publication, is desperately sought by the two stars.  Perhaps not to the extend of letting it dictate their hairstyles, as the great t-shirts from suggest, but every year both of these players repeat their silent duel and one comes out on top.

The stars may not feature together in La Liga for much longer - at least one will want to test themselves (again) in another league - so the t-shirts represent a celebration of Pichichi's golden era.  Messi or Ronaldo - who's next? by Enrico Motti

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