Tifo Tees - Bayern München / Dortmund / Schalke 04

The tifo has come into its own in recent years, with the likes of Olympique de Marseille and Celtic in particular playing host to spectacular and intimidating murals of colour shining out from the stands.  Fan displays are now routinely used in the quest for that decisive "twelfth man".

Like gold dust to a lazy stereotypist, German clubs have taken the idea and run with it, demonstrating startlingly efficient choreography and even animating their displays.  Whether it's Dortmund looking towards a Wembley Champions League Final, Bayern Munich - as well as T-mobile's logo appearing in the crowd by way of carefully-placed white-shirted fans - celebrating another Bundesliga title, or Schalke making friends with acts of solidarity, alliance and congratulation, the Germans now lead the way.

The designs made by Robert Krums couldn't possibly capture the full impact of the tifos, but as a tribute to the endeavour of some enterprising supporter groups they're a great doff of the cap to a wonderful and exciting trend, giving the humble Mexican wave the pimping it's been crying out for for years.

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